Friday, June 13, 2014

REVIEW: 3CE Creamy Compact Foundation #Light Beige

HI Everyone~~ ^^

I feel like It has been a long long time ago since I didn't have a new post here haha, maybe because I was in my bloody exams week T__T. And now finally I have some leisure time to have a new post on my blog. And today's post is a Review for my newest makeup items XD

3 Concept Eyes Creamy Compact Foundation

#light beige, KRW 29.000

I got this from my last Style Nanda Haul. They were offering 50% sale for all items and Yaaapp I didn't wanna loose my chance XP.

This product is new from 3CE cosmetics. They made a pink edition for 3CE and this is the foundation from 3CE pink edition. 
They come in 2 shades. Light Beige and Medium Beige

And mine is Light Beige ^^
 The pink color is really cute. Love it~~

What it said? 
Fresh texture, light appliance, easily stick to skin, Glowing effect

The seal, if you want to return it.

It comes with a pink round puff

The creamy texture

Let's try this Creamy Pact then~^^
Bare Skin

I applied it with the puff 

Ok, Firsttt comment after I applied this foundation~ It is not that creamy. The texture is not that creamy and melts on my skin but more compact, the feeling is kind of applying stick foundation to your skin. 
Because of the compact texture, It takes more time to apply it neat and evenly to all of you face. You have to pat your puff lightly little by little to get it well applied.
The texture is quite compact but it's actually pretty light, not thick at all.
It is not mentioned at 3CE web but it think this foundation has yellow base tone (Yess my tone!! >O<)

Before After

It definitely brightens your skin and make it neat. It has medium coverage. It doesn't cover all of my flaws and I need concealer for a perfect coverage.
At first, because of its creamy texture It will has a dewy result but this product only gives me a little more glow (don't be afraid you will get the oily skin look). At first appliance, I got a little matte feeling on my skin. I think i have to make sure my skin is moisturized well before I apply this product or I won't get the glow (or maybe can crack on my skin) T__T
But as the time goes by, it became more dewy and started to melt on my skin, make it really look natural and flawless (even covers my pores ><). 
It quite long lasting, take about 5-6 hours for me before it started oily.

After my makeup. It's narcissistic time >O< 

What I like about this product:
The packaging is just too cute (hot pink!! ><)
Yellow undertone
flawless, dewy result (after waiting T_T)
Enough long last effect
Easy for touch up

So convenient to touch up your makeup ><

What I don't really like:
Takes time to apply it evenly
A little matte feeling at first

Overall~~ 4 out of 5
I like the result it gives ^^

That's it~

See you on the next post 


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