Monday, July 14, 2014

REVIEW: Majolica Marjorca Lash King Mascara

Hello everyone~~~ Lately I was a little busy and really cannot do any post on my lovely blog here T__T. But I really want to do a lot reviews and beauty post to share with you all so I tried my best to take time and have a new post ^^

Today's item is~~~~

Majolica Majorca Lash King Mascara 

BK999, KRW 18.000, JPY 1200

This is my second mascara for Majolica Lash King mascara. Majolica Majorca is actually under Shiseido Company line. I love this product so much, I have no intention to have the other mascara *I haven't found the other one better than this >O<* .Every time I purchased Majorlica products they always come with a pouch in different design. And this time I got this round black lace pouch. I don't know if I like this pouch, sometimes it feels the design is unique, sometimes I think this is like my grandma's purse hahaha

I love the packaging design. I don't know It just feels like "This is Japanese product" by looking at the design. Not like Korean cosmetics that are usually just come in minal design, this one look more complicated in design. Love it ^^

Once It was recommended by Korean Beauty TV program, Get it Beauty, for "Hot waterproof Mascara". 

 Majolica Symbol

 mini and cute

 Can you the the fiber there that will longer your eyelashes?? ^^
(Majolica Lash King has the longest fiber among the other mascara)

 Black color, waterproof Mascara

So, How amazing this mascara is????

It curled my lash and make it longer perfectly!! I have thin and short lashes so When I used mascara usually they didn't curled. But I was so surprised When I use this mascara that it can really curled my lash perfectly.

How about another Mascara for my thin short lashes?

 When I used the other mascara. See! not really curled well T__T

I really love this mascara. It waterproof but easy to clean, and what I love the most is It fix my lashes make it curled and looks longer about 2 times all day long. I have tried some other mascara but really, nothing better than Majolica Majorca for me. No other mascara really can curled my thin short eyelash and make it longer.

Recommended!! >O<

That was my review for my favourite mascara from Majolica Majorca.

Thanks for reading and see you on the next post


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Random: Innisfree Green tea Club Kit, Summer Special

I don't know about Innisfree in the other countries beside Korea If they have such a promotion like this (actually they have to >_>). In Korea, in one year Innisfree will give they special free kit every 3 months for their Royal Members. Every gifts have their own themes and one of the most special one is Summer Kit. >O<

This year summer Kit is maybe the cutest Kit I have ever got from Innisfree. It's Innisfree Watermelon Travel Kit with Krabag. The design is just too cute, like a watermelon.

They made it special for Green Tea Club Members in Korea (loyal buyers)

You tear the box like a snack box andd.....

Hohoho a lots of interesting items in there XD


They had their Summer Kit in Colaboration since 2012. 2012 summer kit was with Kate Spade, 2013 was with Jill Stuart adn this summer is Krabag.

I love this clutch design so much~ T__T The watermelon pattern is cute, unique and fresh just for summer. And if you open what is inside it.....

Bunch of Innisfree products in minis for travel use.

They are
Innisfree Mint Green Tea Fresh Shampoo
Innisfree Mint Green Tea Fresh Rinse
Innisfree Gardenia Perfumed Body Cleanser
Innisfree Apple Juicy Liquid Foam Cleanser
Innisfree Green Barley no wash cleansing Toner

It's totally a complete Kit for travelling. You really don't have to worry anymore about cleaning with this kids. I personally really excited to try the cleansing toner which is similar to cleansing water, clean your makeup even you get no water. ><

And the other left is..

Green Tea Mineral Mist and Don't worry No Sebum Dry Shampoo

I have the green tea mist and it was really nice. I love it and about to buy the other one. But I got the minis hihi Lucky me~

I Have to say I really really love and satisfied with Kit. It is so complete, awesome items, the Design is really cute and the most interesting part, they gave it by free T__T.

Yaaapp I really Love Innisfree, they Products especially skincare are awesome. Maybe I will post my skincare routine in the next post and you'll about to see that are all Innisfree hahahahhaa. 

I hope Innisfree also has this Free Kits event not just in Korea but for all Innisfree around the world. And reallyy reallyy sincerellly, hope Innisfree will open in Indonesia. *O*

That's it today's random post XD
See you

Thursday, July 3, 2014

REVIEW: 3CE Pink Bold Blush #Ready Reddy

Hello Everyone~

Finally I have my time for another post T__T. I've been a little busy these days, not even a time to check. Aaaaaaaa~ finaallllyyyyy I came back with new post here. And today post is

3CE Pink Bold Blush # Ready Reddy

KRW 19.000

 The size is actually quite big

First I saw it on the web I thought It was real red, but it actually red orange. Slightly has coral color but the red color still much dominant.

more like coral color if we see it like this

I love the result~ So lovely!! >O<

The result~ So lovely like roses on your both cheeks ><. But since the color is so bright for natural usage I cannot put the other color makeup besides this blush as the point makeup. I love the packaging, of course. I just love the pink color it has. Also the size is bigger than I expected. Pigmentation is really good, you just need a slight touch to get the exact the same color on your cheeks (be careful to apply it a little by little to avoid the result like you got slap on your face ><) and it will last all day on your makeup. It doesn't come out with blush brush so you have to buy your brush separately. 

I overall love this blush by 3CE because not so many Korean brands have this kind of bright color. They usually only have soft color blusher that even you apply it many times it will still soft and natural. Just the price is quite pricey T__T ~yeaah all 3CE are. 

Rather than Korea, Japanese Makeup use red color blusher more. I tried to be "Kawai" like Japanese girls, use the blusher under my eyes but yeah~ failed, I think >_> Hahahhaa. I just love to play makeup and enjoy it so don't judge me ;P. 

That's it!! See on the next post. 


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