Monday, July 14, 2014

REVIEW: Majolica Marjorca Lash King Mascara

Hello everyone~~~ Lately I was a little busy and really cannot do any post on my lovely blog here T__T. But I really want to do a lot reviews and beauty post to share with you all so I tried my best to take time and have a new post ^^

Today's item is~~~~

Majolica Majorca Lash King Mascara 

BK999, KRW 18.000, JPY 1200

This is my second mascara for Majolica Lash King mascara. Majolica Majorca is actually under Shiseido Company line. I love this product so much, I have no intention to have the other mascara *I haven't found the other one better than this >O<* .Every time I purchased Majorlica products they always come with a pouch in different design. And this time I got this round black lace pouch. I don't know if I like this pouch, sometimes it feels the design is unique, sometimes I think this is like my grandma's purse hahaha

I love the packaging design. I don't know It just feels like "This is Japanese product" by looking at the design. Not like Korean cosmetics that are usually just come in minal design, this one look more complicated in design. Love it ^^

Once It was recommended by Korean Beauty TV program, Get it Beauty, for "Hot waterproof Mascara". 

 Majolica Symbol

 mini and cute

 Can you the the fiber there that will longer your eyelashes?? ^^
(Majolica Lash King has the longest fiber among the other mascara)

 Black color, waterproof Mascara

So, How amazing this mascara is????

It curled my lash and make it longer perfectly!! I have thin and short lashes so When I used mascara usually they didn't curled. But I was so surprised When I use this mascara that it can really curled my lash perfectly.

How about another Mascara for my thin short lashes?

 When I used the other mascara. See! not really curled well T__T

I really love this mascara. It waterproof but easy to clean, and what I love the most is It fix my lashes make it curled and looks longer about 2 times all day long. I have tried some other mascara but really, nothing better than Majolica Majorca for me. No other mascara really can curled my thin short eyelash and make it longer.

Recommended!! >O<

That was my review for my favourite mascara from Majolica Majorca.

Thanks for reading and see you on the next post



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