Friday, August 29, 2014

My Skincare Routine

Hellloo Readers~~ Today I wanna share my skincare routine in this post. What products I use and How I use them as my daily treatment for healthy skin. >O<
Let's take a look!
Taaaraaaaa~ That's my lovely little basket and inside her are my skincare routine products.
As you can see, I love Innisfree!! I think Innisfree is the best road shop cosmetics among the others in Korea and has the best quality for skincare and other face products (although not for point makeup).
All my skincare products are from Innisfree and I'm using Green Tea Line. I love the green tea line. My skin turns red so easily, especially cheeks. But after I use the green tea line, my skin really did'nt got any trouble and the redness gone. T__T I think these products really suited my skin best >O<
Basic Skincare
From Left to Right:
INN Green Persimmon Pore Toner 15.000 KRW
INN the green tea seed serum 22.000 KRW
Green Tea Pure Skin 14.000 KRW
Green tea Balancing Lotion 14.000 KRW
The Green Tea Seed Serum 22.000 KRW
So~ right after I washed my face, I had my skincare routine. Use your skincare right after you wash your face! Don't wait. After you wash you face with cleanser, your skin is in the best condition to get nutrition.
First I used Green Persimmon Pore Toner. I apply this toner not to all my skin but just on the areas that have big pores T__T such as areas around nose. Apply a little to a cotton and apply it right after washing your faces to minimize naughty pores.
After that I apply Liquid Moisturizers which are The Green tea seed serum (a really really good after-wash serum), green tea skin, an green tea lotion in order. Korean skincare really loves to play layering like this. Not to use just one moisturizing cream with heavy moisturizing contains but using some liquid moisturizer in different viscosity to maintain moist in your skin remain.
And for some tips, while you apply this liquid moisturizer, don't apply it by rubbing your face because it can stimulate you skin and make it red X_X.
Apply it by patting the liquid to your face, make your skin absord it perfectly.
After that, as the final step for basic care, I apply green tea seed deep cream from Innisfree. This cream has balm texture which is so smooth and has a lot moisturizer. Love it! ><
Next Part is Special Care Part
 From Left to Right:
 Eco science eye cream 28.000 KRW
Rose Petal Salve lipbalm 16.000 KRW
Jejubija anti-trouble spot essence W 15.000 KRW
 (the white one for little white acnes that make your skin not feeling smooth when you pet it)
Jejubija anti-trouble spot essence R 15.000 KRW
(blue one for red acnes that suddenly appears)
I recommend to use eyecream eventhough you said you still don't have eye wrinkles. Because skin around eyes is really thin and get stimulated to get wrinkles faster when you use eye makeup. Lipbalm for everytime after shower for smooth lips and acnes treatments are must have item, you don't know when our enemies will come  >_>.
Woowwww I really has so many words in this post ahahaha. That's Oke~ I love to share with you guys some tips about how I maintain my skin >O<. Hope you love this post and Let's have healthy pretty skin~~
See you on the next post, Muaachhh

Monday, August 25, 2014

Cafe Seeker Tourist Look

Heloooo everyone~ ^^
Today's post is a little bit different than my other posts before. If I always have posts about makeups before, today it's just a short post about Outfit  ><.
Few days ago I had a little advanture my friend to Sangsu, Seoul where so many cafes there. And we try to find the best cafes we can see and try that out. Korea has so many cafes along the road and the interior are all really comfie and nice. So for me, just comfortable cafe now is not enough (I had been too many of them), I want the other atmosfer hihihi
And the adventure begin~~~!!!
For today adventure because we have to walk in along time, I choosed a very comfortable outfit *of course*, but yet could not forget to have some point to enhance the style.^^
Let's take a look at it~~
Hohohoho~~ Emo printed Black Top, Ripped Jeans, White pointed shoes and as accessories sun glasses, ransel for your comfortable adventure.
Skull and rose printed black tee
And today's POINT is!!!! Ripped Jeans and Pointed Shoes harmony~ >O<
While ripped jeans gives you casual and boyish look,
pointed shoes stays your look elegant and pretty.
 Round sunglasses for more fashion look xp

Lil Makeup tips: When you use sunglasses, apply strong lipstick color to make your look catchy
 Take this look *walk with your chin a little bit higher XD hihi* and get the awesome adventurer tourist look. ^^
I almost forgot that this time I was looking for some fantastic cafes in Sangsu. We went rounding around and finally~~ we found a cafe we thought had crazy interior.
Aa Design Museum Cafe and Pub in Sangsu, Seoul.
Can you see?? I really felt like I was in Hogwarts dinning room ><. Crazy!!!!!
 And we got some coffee hihi
Enjoy reading and See you on the next post ^^


Friday, August 22, 2014

REVIEW: 3CE Pink Lipcolor #606 XXX

Today's I'm back with the other review. And today's main character is

3CE Pink Lipcolor #606 XXX
17.900 KRW

From the first time I saw this items even I don't know about the quality I fell in love with the packaging ><. Just really love the pink color form this collection. And a little bit different with common lipsticks which have cylinder shape, this lipstick has square cover. I just feel that's cute and pretty.

Square shape with pink and black color


 ~Black Red~
So Let's try this one. I tried to have 2 different options for this black red lipstick the first was by gradating the color and the second was using it in full.

So first want I want to say, If you see in the picture you'll find the color is just red but actually the color is darker like blood color *I'm sorry for the pic T__T*. Use it with you mature style and the color will turn really sexy >O<.
And About the lipstick itself, not really moisturizing just in average but the pigmentation is really good (Style Nanda Lipcolors are really famous because the hae good pigmentation) and long last.
About the design, love it very much so pretty with pink and black. But one thing as always make me sad about 3CE, it was quite pricey T__T. But yeah the quality is good
That's it I can say about this one Hihihihi. The next is *I'm sorry* Selfiessssss part!!!1 XD

I was about to hang out with my friends haha ><
See you on the next post guys


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Bye Bye Long Hair~

Hellllo Everyone, Do you guys remember how I look like? Hahahhaa It was like theeeseeeee~~ >O<
I always had my long hair for years and I got bored with that. So~ I had just make a big desicion in my life. T__T I cut my hair short!!!! Maybe really really short than what you imagine.
So let's see What I've done to my lovely hair. Hihihihi XD
My long hair~ T__T Good bye!
Hello new short hair >O<
At first, I just have a plan to cut my hair but the hair styler said that my hair is too straight and smooth and it means it has no volume. Short hair with no volume will make your face plain, especially for hair type like me which are so thin. Really has no dimension T__T
Even if you have this kind of hair like me, you still can make it looks more volume by dry volume it. But yeaahhh.. I'm too lazy to do it every morning and Oh My God ~ I think I will choose sleep for more 15 minutes.
So~ What did the styler recommend to me? To curl my hair! hihihi
They used stronger perm cream fo my hair or they will gone easily T__T. And I was waiting for the heat mechine while drinking tea hihi. It doesn't took so long just about 10-15 minutes
After that they start to curl my hair. Oh my god~ I really looked like Medusa T__T or maybe octopus?
And how did I look like after transforming to an octopus?? Hhihihihi Are you curious? >O<
Taaaaaaaarrrraaaaaaaaaaa It's new Me! >O<
~Selfies Time~

 curly curly hair ><
 Well I personally love the result. I got the curl well (once I curled my hair and loose in one day T__T). Short hair with perm at the end sometimes yes make you look older *not actually older but more mature ^^* but It also can make you look cute.
How do you think? Is the long one better or the short one better? Hihihihi
Thank you for reading. See you on the next post

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Holiday- Orange Pale Makeup

Hellloooo Everyone!! Few days ago Korea had their Independence day Holiday in 15 August. Quite similar to Indonesia, is'nt it? But the difference in this year Independence Day Holiday is, Korea got their ID holiday in Friday while in Indonesia you got it in Sunday XD hihihihi *I'm sorry to be a little annoying xp* . I got a rest from my work at Wonjin Plastic Surgery, I finally went out, go away from Kangnam *bored*!!!!!! Fiiuuuhh I really need some recreation. T__T
Finally I got my free time for 3 days, and I decided to hang out with my friend. So, so so.. It's time to use my lovely makeup babes to complete mty look for this holiday. I really miss to have some "heavy" makeup on me. In office we cannot use too much makeup right? TTTT__TTTT *cry cry cry*. 

And for my short recreation, I got my  
Orange Pale Makeup

That day the weather was sunny and sunlight was really strong. So I guees, I will go with orange, yellow, brown based color for my makeup~
Let's see who helped me for my Orange Pale Makeup >O<
Innisfree mineral shimmering Base
Bobbi Brown skin Foundation spf 15 #2 Sand 
(I mix them to glow my skin)
Missha Sheer Fluid Blusher #1 Aurora pink (coral pink)
Tony Moly Back Stage Gel eyeliner #1 Black, #15 latte brown
Etude House Color My Brows #2 light brown
Aritaum False lashes clear Black #2 Petit Volume
Banila Co Friday Night Eye Palette shadow Jessica the Angel (Gold)
 Innisfree Mineral Single Shadow 25 황금물결 들판
3ce Lip Laquer #Bon Bon *POINT*

This Makeup is really easly to do. Just apply foundation (I added shimmer base) and coral blush slightly circling your front cheek bones. Use Light color Eyebrow mascara.

And For Eye Make up

Gold pearl Shadow as base color on all your lids, Brown color on your double eyelids and under Eye.
Draw black eyeliner down and brown under eyeliner longer than your eye's size *POINT*
(make your eyes get the mellow look)
Put natural black False Eyelashes

Last not but least, apply orange pale lip color to complete your look >O<

Yooohoooooo~~ Now I'm ready to go with my friends!! XD

And About Outfit

 Simple Black Clutch for simple shophisticated style

Silver ringssssssss >O< *my favourite*

As I said before, this holiday was Korea Independence Day. And I come to this park, guess What I saw??? A very big Korean National Flag~ hahahaha

Great holiday cannot be separated from Great Dinner right?
And We got you~~ >O<

Now, today, I already on my work again but that's oke, I'm ready for all the things *fire*!! I will wait for my next Chuseok, 추석, Holiday to spend it with my friends in Busan >O<.

Thank you for reading guys
See you on the next post



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