Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Bye Bye Long Hair~

Hellllo Everyone, Do you guys remember how I look like? Hahahhaa It was like theeeseeeee~~ >O<
I always had my long hair for years and I got bored with that. So~ I had just make a big desicion in my life. T__T I cut my hair short!!!! Maybe really really short than what you imagine.
So let's see What I've done to my lovely hair. Hihihihi XD
My long hair~ T__T Good bye!
Hello new short hair >O<
At first, I just have a plan to cut my hair but the hair styler said that my hair is too straight and smooth and it means it has no volume. Short hair with no volume will make your face plain, especially for hair type like me which are so thin. Really has no dimension T__T
Even if you have this kind of hair like me, you still can make it looks more volume by dry volume it. But yeaahhh.. I'm too lazy to do it every morning and Oh My God ~ I think I will choose sleep for more 15 minutes.
So~ What did the styler recommend to me? To curl my hair! hihihi
They used stronger perm cream fo my hair or they will gone easily T__T. And I was waiting for the heat mechine while drinking tea hihi. It doesn't took so long just about 10-15 minutes
After that they start to curl my hair. Oh my god~ I really looked like Medusa T__T or maybe octopus?
And how did I look like after transforming to an octopus?? Hhihihihi Are you curious? >O<
Taaaaaaaarrrraaaaaaaaaaa It's new Me! >O<
~Selfies Time~

 curly curly hair ><
 Well I personally love the result. I got the curl well (once I curled my hair and loose in one day T__T). Short hair with perm at the end sometimes yes make you look older *not actually older but more mature ^^* but It also can make you look cute.
How do you think? Is the long one better or the short one better? Hihihihi
Thank you for reading. See you on the next post


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