Wednesday, August 13, 2014

REVIEW: Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel

Hello Everyone~ Jessica's Beauty Log is finally back with new review post TTT__TTT.
As I said in my last post (for International readers who cannot read Indonesian), I got my first work in Wonjin Beauty Medical Group, it's a plastic surgery and beauty clinic in Kangnam, Seoul, South Korea. I still in adaptation to arrage my time right away for work and also for enjoying my life T__T. So It's really a long long time since I can't make posting on my blog.
But today! Finally I manage to make one hihihihi >O< And today's main "actress" is
Natural Republic Alovera Soothing Gel
KRW 4.400 / 300ml

Hohoho, So Let's meet this baby! She is one of  "the best of the best" of Nature Republic products. I always see nature republic is on sale but they have never put this one in sale T_T Well no problem, still affordable hihi.

 It's quite Big

 Aww the gel is really fresh and soft >0<
First impression with this gel smooth, smells good, soft and not sticky. The gel itself it's not really like the sticky gel one but kind of contain a lot water and moisture. Once you apply it on your hand or your body, at first it will be like so watery and gelly. But the feel is really good, so freshand cool!! And I personally really love the smell XD. Apply it to your skin and tap it for about 30s, It will start absorbing to your skin and Taaaaaaraaaaaaa~ you got moistured skin with out sticky feeling. 
This aloe gel has so many usages. You can use it for all your body from head to toe. And compared to the size which is big the price isn't expansive. I really love this part haha
So what the Adv said this aloe can do???
1. Moisture Pack for your skin
2. Base Makeup
3. After shaving cream fro men
4. Hair treatment
5. Relaxing Eye Pack
6. Nail Essence
7. Body Lotion
8. Soothing Pack
What I often use this aloe for is no. 7 and 8. I think what's really good from this Aloe gel is the soothing and moisturizing effect. For the no.2, base makeup, hmmmm I don't think so --.
I usually use this gel for body lotion and soothing massage cream. Aloe gel is not as moisturizing as body lotion or body cream, but when the weather is really hot (like now Korea is summer and Indonesia is always summer ==") aloe gel is really good to used as body lotion. For you all who feel you skin is really dry after bath but hate the sticky feeling of body lotion, I really recommend this aloe gel for your choice ;P.
And as soothing gel, really love it!! I have my time like before "the best time for women" every month when my face became so sensitif and start got blemish and became red. In that case I got this Aloe and use it as a massage cream. Apply BUNCH of it and massage my face for about 15 -20 minutes. The soothing effect It has will reduce redness on my face and refresh it. After done, Voooillllaaaa my skin become really clean and looks fresh XD

 Massage~ Massage~ XD
Taraaaa, Bare Face~ I really felt that I got a really got soothing effect with this. Even in photo above (massage one) my face looks have redness around nose, cheeks and eyebrow but after massaging I felt my skin tone enhanced, fresh and the redness gone. Actually at first, I bought this aloe just for soothing my skin around PMS period but now I think I will do it in routine. >O<

Overall I think Aloe gel is really good to become a part of our skincare routine and to maintain your skin's health. Until now, I just only use this as massage gel and lotion but I want to try the other usage like relaxing eyemask or hair treatment. I Think that also will be great XD.

5/5 >0<

See you on the next post guys!



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