Monday, August 25, 2014

Cafe Seeker Tourist Look

Heloooo everyone~ ^^
Today's post is a little bit different than my other posts before. If I always have posts about makeups before, today it's just a short post about Outfit  ><.
Few days ago I had a little advanture my friend to Sangsu, Seoul where so many cafes there. And we try to find the best cafes we can see and try that out. Korea has so many cafes along the road and the interior are all really comfie and nice. So for me, just comfortable cafe now is not enough (I had been too many of them), I want the other atmosfer hihihi
And the adventure begin~~~!!!
For today adventure because we have to walk in along time, I choosed a very comfortable outfit *of course*, but yet could not forget to have some point to enhance the style.^^
Let's take a look at it~~
Hohohoho~~ Emo printed Black Top, Ripped Jeans, White pointed shoes and as accessories sun glasses, ransel for your comfortable adventure.
Skull and rose printed black tee
And today's POINT is!!!! Ripped Jeans and Pointed Shoes harmony~ >O<
While ripped jeans gives you casual and boyish look,
pointed shoes stays your look elegant and pretty.
 Round sunglasses for more fashion look xp

Lil Makeup tips: When you use sunglasses, apply strong lipstick color to make your look catchy
 Take this look *walk with your chin a little bit higher XD hihi* and get the awesome adventurer tourist look. ^^
I almost forgot that this time I was looking for some fantastic cafes in Sangsu. We went rounding around and finally~~ we found a cafe we thought had crazy interior.
Aa Design Museum Cafe and Pub in Sangsu, Seoul.
Can you see?? I really felt like I was in Hogwarts dinning room ><. Crazy!!!!!
 And we got some coffee hihi
Enjoy reading and See you on the next post ^^



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