Friday, August 29, 2014

My Skincare Routine

Hellloo Readers~~ Today I wanna share my skincare routine in this post. What products I use and How I use them as my daily treatment for healthy skin. >O<
Let's take a look!
Taaaraaaaa~ That's my lovely little basket and inside her are my skincare routine products.
As you can see, I love Innisfree!! I think Innisfree is the best road shop cosmetics among the others in Korea and has the best quality for skincare and other face products (although not for point makeup).
All my skincare products are from Innisfree and I'm using Green Tea Line. I love the green tea line. My skin turns red so easily, especially cheeks. But after I use the green tea line, my skin really did'nt got any trouble and the redness gone. T__T I think these products really suited my skin best >O<
Basic Skincare
From Left to Right:
INN Green Persimmon Pore Toner 15.000 KRW
INN the green tea seed serum 22.000 KRW
Green Tea Pure Skin 14.000 KRW
Green tea Balancing Lotion 14.000 KRW
The Green Tea Seed Serum 22.000 KRW
So~ right after I washed my face, I had my skincare routine. Use your skincare right after you wash your face! Don't wait. After you wash you face with cleanser, your skin is in the best condition to get nutrition.
First I used Green Persimmon Pore Toner. I apply this toner not to all my skin but just on the areas that have big pores T__T such as areas around nose. Apply a little to a cotton and apply it right after washing your faces to minimize naughty pores.
After that I apply Liquid Moisturizers which are The Green tea seed serum (a really really good after-wash serum), green tea skin, an green tea lotion in order. Korean skincare really loves to play layering like this. Not to use just one moisturizing cream with heavy moisturizing contains but using some liquid moisturizer in different viscosity to maintain moist in your skin remain.
And for some tips, while you apply this liquid moisturizer, don't apply it by rubbing your face because it can stimulate you skin and make it red X_X.
Apply it by patting the liquid to your face, make your skin absord it perfectly.
After that, as the final step for basic care, I apply green tea seed deep cream from Innisfree. This cream has balm texture which is so smooth and has a lot moisturizer. Love it! ><
Next Part is Special Care Part
 From Left to Right:
 Eco science eye cream 28.000 KRW
Rose Petal Salve lipbalm 16.000 KRW
Jejubija anti-trouble spot essence W 15.000 KRW
 (the white one for little white acnes that make your skin not feeling smooth when you pet it)
Jejubija anti-trouble spot essence R 15.000 KRW
(blue one for red acnes that suddenly appears)
I recommend to use eyecream eventhough you said you still don't have eye wrinkles. Because skin around eyes is really thin and get stimulated to get wrinkles faster when you use eye makeup. Lipbalm for everytime after shower for smooth lips and acnes treatments are must have item, you don't know when our enemies will come  >_>.
Woowwww I really has so many words in this post ahahaha. That's Oke~ I love to share with you guys some tips about how I maintain my skin >O<. Hope you love this post and Let's have healthy pretty skin~~
See you on the next post, Muaachhh


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