Monday, September 1, 2014

REVIEW: 3CE Back to Baby BB Cream

Hai guys~  Welcome to Jessica's Beauty Log ^^
I really love face makeup. Foundation, Bb cream, CC cream, seems like I have all of them in many different brands hahaha. Yaap I am crazy of face makeup. Because I think, When you have the flawless skin, your point makeup will become more incredible. Shortly speaking, Face Makeup is the base for great makeup.
So today, I want to have another review for my recent favourite face makeup for my daily makeup. And today's main actress is
3CE Back to Baby BB Cream
KRW 19.000, 30ml
 Recently, I really love to use this BB. I use it for almost everyday for my daily makeup. Why I love her very much?? I'll share it with you guys ^^

 Another Black and White packaging from 3CE, simple sophisticated

 The label if you want to return it
 This cutie~ I love the small packaging, so cute in one hand grab >o<
Let's have some review for this cutie in actions!!
First, about the texture, this BB quite thick *I should say*. Not creamy but thick.
If you see on the picture, It isn't really creamy, slightly flowing. But What I mean by thick, you can see in picture below.
I apply it in normal amount as I apply another foundation but the color comes thicker. Maybe for you girls who love thin face makeup *no-makeup makeup*, you should consider this part. But the good part is the coverage of this BB cream is really good >O<. I don't use any other concealer after this and It already makes my skin flawless. And the other good part from this thick texture is when you apply it with sponge or puff, It corrects overall face color, applied evenly with great coverage. You can get the maximum function of face makeup in one appliance, especially when you don't have time *like me* in the morning ^^. And the  BB itself has a little glow and moisturizing effect. See my hand is shining hahahhaa. Just because the name is back to baby at first I think it will have matte result like baby's butt but absolutely not!! Maybe just as flawless as baby's skin ;)
About the color~~ Hmmm this will be not so good because this BB cream only have one color T__T. No color option just one color and I should say the color is quite bright. BB cream with only one color usually take grey color as their base to match for any basic skincolors. Although if you just see the cream they will have beige color, when you use it to your face it can make your skin looks grey, pale and yeahhh~~ greyish skin is not really great T__T (especially for asian skin). And here is the good point from this BB, It don't make your skin looks greyish but just brightens your skintone. When I use this BB, I don't feel that the color doesn't match with my skin color (I have yellow undertone). It just brightens my skin, become whiter! Oil control is average but long last *with dewy finish of course*
Packaging also nice just clean in black and it seems so small but actually just the same amount with the other average big foundation (30ml).So don't be hesitated just because you see it really small.
After my makeup, on face just Back to Baby. Really nice result in one appliance
Love it for my fast makeup
Hope this post can help you girls. Thank you for reading, see you on the next post


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