Friday, September 26, 2014

Majolica Majorca Cafe Visit

Hello girls~ ><
Few days ago, Majolica Majorca which is one of Japanese Makeup brand had a special event in Korea. They had their exhibition in a cafe with Majolica Majorca's artist work in photograph. They held this event for about 2 weeks and it was located in Kangnam, Seoul (just next to my work place, Wonjin hihihi) So I decided to have a visit. ^^

Actually nothing really special in this exhibition. But I have to say the photograph was really amazing, so artistic and really Majorica's style! There was some corner that full with awesome Majorica's artistic photograph but It was not allowed to take picture T__T

photo corner ^^

In one track they had like video in a bird cage with a story and after you watched it, You may take a lucky fur hihi

And see what I got after visit as a merchandise~ Taaaarraaaa!!!! A very cute bracelet and Majorica Voyage book. Here is my favourite part  >o< They are so cute and I got it for free, just for visiting Hohohohohoho *santa laughing*

 Really pretty T__T

Here is inside the voyage book~
In the book, you some different concepts for Majorica photograph. Also a little makeup tutorial with Majorica's products and also Majorica's product list. Am I weird??? I feel really happy to see this beauty book with its pretty product list >o<

The concepts are really just Majolica's

~Yaaayy we got some tutorials and product lists~

See you on the next post ^^



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