Friday, September 12, 2014

REVIEW: 3CE Lip Lacquer #BonBon

Hi girls~~ ^^
Today's review is from 3CE lip color Product
3CE Lip Lacquer #Bonbon
18.900 KRW
Actually before this review post I have ever once used this lipcolor on the other post which is the "Orange pale Makeup" post ( I'm sorry for the late review T__T)
Ok Let's have the review here~
 Velvet lipcolor, no sticky feeling with high pigmentation
 The applicator

When I applied it to my lips, it became slightly powdery really smooth and not sticky at all. Yeaahh~ like they said, this product has the velvet result. But you must be careful not to apply it to a dry lips or it will  crack T__T 
*Tips: Eventhough you want to moisturize your lips before use this lip lacquer, don't use too much lipbalm before you apply it or the color won't stick to your lips.*
Actually I love the moisturizing one than velvet, I don't really like the power feeling on my lips T__T. But I love its color >O<  Pale coral is really pretty~
What I like:
Nice clean packaging
High pigmentation
Pretty Color
Very smooth appliance
What I dislike:
Powdery feeling
Used it for long time and crack

See you on next post girls, Muaachhh


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