Monday, September 15, 2014

What's inside My Pouch?

Makeup pouch is really "a thing" that you cannot forget everwhere you go, right? hihi I really love to bring my makeup pouch with me so whenever I need to touch up my makeup my pretty babes will always be there XD. I actually love to change what's inside my pouch as needed but nowadayas I always go with some of these basic things inside my pouch. Let's take a look ^^

This is my pinkie pouch~ Actually I got it for free from Majolica Majorca when I bought its mascara. Quite big, clean and Yeeahh kinda love the pink color. So I decided just to bring it everywhere~
Taaaaraaaa~~ These is what inside the pinkie pouch. And OH MY GOD~ yeahh I realized there are so many pink colors in it T__T * I didn't realize I love pink this much, maybe*
I recently really love 3ce products. If you see on my review post, there are so many 3ce products haha. I alwas have mirror, foundation, lipstick, lip concealer, facial mist and oil paper in my pouch. And about false lashes applicator plus glue, also spidol remover are emergency kit. ;D

No doubt! Mirror is a must bring item~
I prefer to bring cream foundation cake type like this for touch up usage. Easy and you already with the puff and mirror. (read the review here -->

Oil control film. I don't like to use loose powder on my face makeup. So When my face became too dewy, I'll get this oil control film and apply my cake foundation for touch up. No cakey phenomenon!! And Voilaa~ as fresh as your morning makeup.

Facial mist to moisturize your skin and make your makeup looks healthier. Love this greent tea mist from Innisfree! Recommended! ^O^
This is lip concealer. I love this one! Moisturizing like a lipbalm but conceal your basic lip color. Just use this like a lipbalm and you get 100% your lipstick power ><.
Red lipstick is never die~ I love to use this with the concealer above to make natural gradation lip (read the review here -->
This is a emergency remover. Spidol type eye remover. It's really easy to remove your smudging mascara or eyeliner and touch it up >O<

Finally, this little thing also for emergency usage. For you who don't really use false lashes maybe will never put them in your pouch but when you often use false lashes they are a must haha. You don't want to see you lashes fly away a half on your eyes , right? XD

Hohohohoho That was what I usually bring out on my pouch~ Thank you for reading

See you on the next post



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