Thursday, July 3, 2014

REVIEW: 3CE Pink Bold Blush #Ready Reddy

Hello Everyone~

Finally I have my time for another post T__T. I've been a little busy these days, not even a time to check. Aaaaaaaa~ finaallllyyyyy I came back with new post here. And today post is

3CE Pink Bold Blush # Ready Reddy

KRW 19.000

 The size is actually quite big

First I saw it on the web I thought It was real red, but it actually red orange. Slightly has coral color but the red color still much dominant.

more like coral color if we see it like this

I love the result~ So lovely!! >O<

The result~ So lovely like roses on your both cheeks ><. But since the color is so bright for natural usage I cannot put the other color makeup besides this blush as the point makeup. I love the packaging, of course. I just love the pink color it has. Also the size is bigger than I expected. Pigmentation is really good, you just need a slight touch to get the exact the same color on your cheeks (be careful to apply it a little by little to avoid the result like you got slap on your face ><) and it will last all day on your makeup. It doesn't come out with blush brush so you have to buy your brush separately. 

I overall love this blush by 3CE because not so many Korean brands have this kind of bright color. They usually only have soft color blusher that even you apply it many times it will still soft and natural. Just the price is quite pricey T__T ~yeaah all 3CE are. 

Rather than Korea, Japanese Makeup use red color blusher more. I tried to be "Kawai" like Japanese girls, use the blusher under my eyes but yeah~ failed, I think >_> Hahahhaa. I just love to play makeup and enjoy it so don't judge me ;P. 

That's it!! See on the next post. 



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