Saturday, May 17, 2014

INTRODUCTION: Jessica's Beauty Log

    Hi, every one! I'm Jessica Arifin. ^o^

Wooooow this is my first time to have a blog post, SO EXCITED!! Because now I'm in my last year of University,I don't really have anything to do. And i got really really super bored these day T__T  *feels like my brain is stopping*. So i just think to have another activity that can fill my day. And yuuup, in the conclusion I tried to make a blog about my one and the only interest. Beauty!!!!! >o<

I'm 21 years old, an Indonesian but I currently live in Busan, South Korea. I didn't know when was the first time i was interested in beauty but I guess~~~ since I came to Korea  >o<. People here are crazy about appearance (in a good way), they pay lots of attention of it which make me "infected" to be as pretty as they are. ^^

the uncountable haul ><

Yes, I'm crazy about 'all about beauty' now hahaha ;P. I really love Korean makeup style. It look so natural yet very beautiful and cute. 

I love makeup and beauty but among them i just cannot stand to see a new face products *crazy*. Face makeups is my center. In my head, we use Face makeup in the widest area which is cover all of our *beloved" skin and it's really important to protect our skin by using the right type of foundation for every conditions. For ex, you cannot use extra moisture foundation in summer or it will melt in your skin, or use water foundation in winter than your skin will cry T__T. Also it's better to use light foundation for daily use to get our pores breath, and yeah you can use the extra cover one in such a special occasion for fabulous skin.  So I think, I should-have to-must have many kinds of face makeups Hahahaha :P 

In Korea dewy makeup is really popular.  Moistured glowy skin is considerated the best!! There are a lots of volumer products , makeup blender, aura cream, etc to make a healthy glowing skin. With a glowing skin you can have cuter and younger image, that's why many Koreans like this type of makeup since they really love 귀여운 (cute) things hihihiihi. Even in beauty clinic they have what they call "물광 주사". It's an injection which injected under you face skin to make it glow even without makeup *shock at first time I heared bout this*. 

and me indeed, love dewy make up.

My days in Korea are fulled by excitements with my new founded interest (read: Beauty ^O^). I cannot wait to have my next post to share my interest with you guys~~ So, see you soon to have "the real" Jessica's Beauty Log.. 



FILIA P said...

WEEE congratulations neng on your first post<3

jessicaarifin said...

Thank you Onni.. >o<

Jessica 제시카 said...


Gabriela Tio said...

Kayaknya gara-gara gue ga ada kerjaan juga jadi ngeblog deh hahaha XD 역시 사학년들 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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