Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Today's Makeup: Graduation Photo Shoot

Hello everyone~~ >O<
Today is a special for me. It's My Graduation Photo Shoot Day!!! ^^
After almost 4 years in University, I will be graduated and today is the day to fill in my University memories in an album. So excited!! 

Since today is an important day, of course I want to show up perfect and beautiful Hihi~ For today, I left my natural and cute makeup and went to a GORGEOUS SMOKEY GOLD MAKEUP  and the result is......



I Choose Yellow Gold color Smokey Makeup for my today to match it with my dress and gold necklace. ^^

Lovely babes that helped me today. L to R: 
Aritaum Eyelashes no. 2 Petit Volume
Maybelline Water Shine Pure lipstick C11 coral
Tony Moly Backstage Liner 01 Black
Innisfree Mineral Single Shadow 19
Too Cool for School Cream Shadow Peach
Innisfree Mineral Shadow no.9 (the yellow one)
Missha Sheer Fluid Blusher 1 Aura Pink

Thanks to them today I can make my day more special for Graduation Photo Shoot >O<

So, Let's take look closer on my Today's Makeup

I used Yellow Gold color from Innisfree as basic shadow color and under eye shadow. Then slightly used brown peach shadow color from Too Cool for School at my lids, made it peeking out a little when i open my eyes.As the Point Color, I Used Dark Green Brown color from Innisfree. After that, I rounded all my eye with black gel eyeliner from Tony Moly. To have a more dramatic eye makeup effect, False Lashes will never die. >< 

Voillaaaaa It's Done!!

For blusher, since I already had a heavy eye makeup, I choosed light color for my cheek just to create a fresh look face~~
The product name color is pink aura but actually it has pink coral color

Also Shine Coral Color for the lips. Rather than Matte Lipstick, I took shine watery lipstick with me. It can balance my look not to look too heavy.
 Water Water Shine~~

Yaaaayyyy~ I'm Ready for my Photo Shoot

I had an outdoor shoot that allowed me to use free costums and also a studio shoot which i have to use the scholar gown and cap XP. All the pictures for the outdoor shoot is with the photographer (I don't have one) T__T. But I took some opportunities to take picture with the "Legend Gown and Cap" haha

 Sorry the quality is not really good =="

Finally the Photo Shoot was done!! I'm really looking forward to see the result in my graduation album >O< Hope the result is as good as I hope T__T

I didn't wanna waste my beautiful makeup erased right after the shoot was end. A Coffe Date with friend would be a good choice to have a relax time >< 

Hope you enjoy my new post, See you on the next one. Bye bye!



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