Saturday, May 31, 2014

How I do My Daily Cleansing

Hai Everyone~ I'm back with my new post! XD

In this post, I wanna share my cleansing tips and my cleansing routine which I think very very important for all of us who loves makeup. After wearing makeup for all day long, you want your beautiful skin to have a "relax time", don't you? ^^ Clean skin is the first step to have your skin flawless~
At first I got worried to reveal my "duck face" without my makeup ==" but that's oke. I wanna share my beauty spirit with you guys, more than I care about my duck face haha XP

OK! Then, follow me to see my cleansing routine~~

The duck is here =="

1. Dry Cleansing First

Cleansing Oil

Dry cleansing is really important. Before I go into a water cleansing, I use cleansing oil to remove all of my makeup. For those who are not really using makeup, It's fine for you to skip this step. But for those who really loves to use face makeup (read: me), this step is a must! Cleansing foam is not enough to remove all of your makeup. Especially if you love to have a heavy face makeup, Cleansing Oil is a recommended item. Cleansing with oil doesn't mean adding oil to your skin. For oily skin type, don't worry your face will become too oily, you just need to find cleansing oil for oily skin and it will have a fresh result for your skin along with the perfect cleansing. If you wear a light face makeup, cleansing water or cleansing lotion can be your choice. 

Don't put any water to your face. 
Pump the cleansing oil, softly massage it to your skin and rinse it with water  ^^ 

2. Instead of water, Green tea. 

To perfectly clean my face, I use green tea water instead of water. Green tea contains a lots of beneficial ingredients to maintain our skin health. It gives a soothing and relaxing effects to your skin (my skin easily become red often T__T). Besides green tea helps you to remove the remaining waste that water doesn't. As result, you get a cleaner cleansing. And the antioxidant in green tea protects your skin from pollution, sun light, dust, etc.  And everytime you wash your face, You'll get the nice smell.Bravo Green tea >O<
After washing, don't just rub your face with towel but slightly pat the green tea water to your face, make it absorb. ^^

3. Foam Foam My Face

It's time to have the water cleansing. I use Cleansing foam for my daily cleansing. And the important part here is to wash your face with the foam. Once I have ever read a beauty tips from a magazine, It is said that letting your cleansing foam cream directly touch your skin is a big NO NO~  You have to make the foam first and wash your face with the foam It makes.

So~~ I have my little foam maker bubble here ^^. With this you can make a lot of foam for your cleansing.

Clean your face with the foam. Make round moves to massage your face

4. Pore Cleaning

Pore Brush

I use pore brush to clean my pores about 2 or 3 times a week. With this brush you will have your pores clean and getting smaller. It removes excessive oil in my face. For those who have trouble with oily skin, blackhead or pores, you can use this brush everyday for your daily cleansing. But for dry to normal skin it is not recommended to use it everyday since it will make your skin dryer and loose its moist.

Role it at your face with your foam

For nose or around lips you can use the smaller one ^^

5. Get the Perfect Clean Skin

Rinse your face and Voilllaaaa you got the "It Skin" XD

After a perfect cleansing your face will able to take the full benefits from your skincare ^^

That's my cleansing routine! >O< Hope this post can help you with you cleansing routine  too~

Thanks for reading, see you!


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