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REVIEW: Innisfree Mineral Shimmering Base

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Today I, 'm back with my review. And today's review is...

Innisfree Mineral Shimmering Base

40ml, 15000w (~$14)

I personally really really love Innisfree. Most of Innisfree product are mineral products. It usually use Green Tea extract from Jeju Island. I think Innisfree is the best road shop cosmetics in Korea. Especially for its skincare and face makeup. I really have a bunch of Innisfree >O<

I love glow Makeup base. It makes my skin looks healthy and younger my age XD
There are so many techniques to make you skin glowy like pearl in makeup and one of them is by using shimmering base makeup!  

 It's Back

So, what is mostly said on its back?? It moisturizes your skin like moisturizer, It brightens your skin tone, It lets your skin to breath and It has the nature aroma.

Jeju mineral symbol on it

The cream color is actually white. But when you apply it you will find it has pink shimmer color

And When I apply it to my face~

After appling it all of my face I don't really feel that the pink shimmer is giving some effect. It gives you the shimmer effect but the pink beam is just become transparent. The glow is not that amazing, It gives you soft-look glow (like Korean Makeup really love about, 은은한 광). If you want your glow face to be notice more, you should apply more of the product or even mix it with your foundation after applying as base makeup. 

Also what they said nature aroma, those who have more than one Innisfree's product will agree with me, Ya Ya Ya this is Innisfree green tea smell. Never change~ Quite a nice smell but I already get bored with it hahaha. 

As it is said this base really moisturizes your skin. Besides It has pearl effect to glow your face, It also moisture your skin to make it more glowing. At first, I was a little bit surprised. It makes my face like turns to an oily skin with the glow and a little sticky. I don't know, maybe I applied it too much because I was too excited?? == 
For those who have oily skin but want a noticeable glow, maybe I should say, not really recommended t__t. The shimmer effect is really soft for slight appliance but if your apply it more to make it more glowing it will make your face too oily. I recommend to mix your highlighter with foundation ^^. Or if you just really want a slight glow, apply it a little by a little, not to make your face too oily (like I did).

But, after I apply my foundation, It turns well. Not too oily and not that sticky. *sigh* Even the glow slightly disappear after foundation,become natural and as the time goes It creates more glowy effect on my face.

After foundation

Hmmmm.. Overall I love this product. Especially in winter, I apply it a lot as base makeup and again mix it with my foundation for a combo glow XD. And in summer I apply it a little as base makeup, the end Hohoho

That's all my review about this product. See you on the next post


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