Saturday, June 7, 2014

REVIEW: Aritaum Honey Melting Tint

Hi Everyone!! ^^

Yesterday I just bought my first new makeup in June >O<. And it was

Aritaum Honey Melting Tint

KRW 8000

From June 2~8 Aritaum is having an event from this product which is a 1+1 event *2 for 8000w XP*. The packaging is not really interesting, I think. But I got quite excited for this product since I heard many friends of mine gave their good review about this product. And Yaaaapp, I took this chance! XD

This products come with 10 colors at first and they added 6 new neon colors for it.

first 10 colors

6 new neon colors

And which one did attract my eyes??? It was no. 3 Strawberry Chips and no 13. Ruby Grapefruit XD

 no.3 Strawberry Chips

no.13 Ruby Grapefruit

Let's try this new babes >O<

First no.3 Strawberry Chips

The second is no.13 Ruby Grapefruit

I Love its color!!! The colors are so vivid and they are long lasting. I also love the texture "melting" tint. It melts on my lips so I don't need to use lip balm before it and no cracked lips ><
It is not too glossy like a lip gloss but just a little, maybe more similar to creamy lipstick than gloss.

I totally love this product! Besides the price is so affordable, it comes with a good quality and many color options. The new collection of neon colors really fits summer makeup >O<
Maybe I should get the other colors for my collections haha

So which color do you prefer??? ^^


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