Monday, June 16, 2014

REVIEW: 3CE Glossing Waterful Foundation

Hi hi~~

Recently I am so excited for 3 Concepts Eyes Makeup products. I know so many people love this brand and it is so famous around beauty lovers. And now I got the chance to try the products from 3CE and YAP! They really has a good quality! *thumbs up*

So today, this post is another review for 3CE products. *again, It's foundation. Sorry I love face makeup too much ><*

3CE Glossing Waterful Foundation

Milk Ivory , 40g, KRW 28.000

This foundation has 4 colors.  
Natural Ivory, Soft Beige which are pink base to brighten yellowish skin. 
And Milk Ivory, Nude Beige which are yellow base to cover redness and enhance healthy look skin.

And Mine is the Milk Ivory~ ^^

 What it said?
Make your skin glow like oil drops, 
The moist fit gel make it perfectly stick to your skin 
Shake it before apply

Inside the black box is pink color ><

 The glass dove bottle packaging is just luxurious

It change top with this, more convinient

 So watery!!

I have the other water foundation. That is from Innisfree. So I tried to compare this two water foundation.

Innisfree water foundation is not a glow foundation, so of course they are different in glow term result. What I want to compare is more about the texture. They are both water foundation which is thinner than the other foundation like water and still 3CE water foundation is a lot thinner. Like it said in the box, the texture seems like it contains much oil. 

Let's apply it on face~
I really applied it like crazy  haha

Nice result! ^^

First, It really contains more oil than the other foundation. Easy to apply. Feels like applying "colored oil" to your face. But not really like oil, after a while, I felt like the foundation was absorb to my skin and it started stick perfectly to my skin. I love this part so much!! It really moisturized your skin, absorbed to skin like moisturizer but yet it brightens my skin and make it glowing. Recommended for dry skin!!! >O<

The coverage is not too good but I think, just oke. And as time goes I felt like the foundation was absorbed absorbed and absorbed, and after few hours you will barely see your foundation. Yaap~ not that long last. It's better to use it for short activity day, for daily use when you want to looked pure natural >O<.  

For tips, It would be better to apply it little by little in some layers for extra coverage and glow. And I personally love to use hands beside brush for this foundation. With brush you cannot evenly apply it (too oily) and the brush line will remain. 

Apply it once again in parts you want more glow or coverage.

After my makeup.. >O<

 Most people love a long lasting foundation with great coverage but I actually love thin and glowy foundation which can make my face "shiny" haha. So I personally love this foundation for my daily use.

That's it! Thank you for reading. See you in the next post


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