Friday, June 6, 2014

REVIEW: Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF 15 PA+

Hello Readers~~ ^^

Today's product has been in wishlist for long time. And finally I got it!!!! *It's been a long long journey T__T*

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF 15 PA+

30ml/ Rp. 580.000,-

Color:  2 Sand

This product is my first Bobbi Brown item. I'm so excited to have it since Bobbi Brown is really really famous brand all over the world >O<. till I bought this product,In Jakarta there are only two Bobbi Brown stores. One is in Pacific Place and the other one is in  Plaza Senanyan. I bought this one in Pacific Place and believe me guys, Bobbi Brown in Indonesia is really affordable (at least rather than Korea or Hongkong)

Before I bought it, I went to a department store in Korea where all the high-end brands gather and did my little "experiment" haha. I tested so many foundations from many brands, Lancome, Mac, Benefit, Dior, Shu Uemura, YSL, etc etc. Even though I just tested them on my hand but it quite help me to find the best. And My choice is in this Bobbi Brown skin foundation ^^

Water-based foundation, instantly hydrates your skin

I took Sand no.2

I bought it in Indonesia for Rp. 580.000 (~$49). It was such a good price rather than I have to buy it in Korea for 75.000w (~$74), so much expensive. 

I love its black packaging, so simple yet luxurious. 

 It has light and thin texture (more like water than cream)

After I applied it on my hand. Like applying nothing beside it covers my vein haha

Let's apply some to my face >O<

My bare skin, some redness and pores.

I applied Bobbi Brown skin foundation with my foundation brush.

After foundation, semi matte result

Just like its name "skin foundation", It makes your skin like wears nothing.

When I tested some of the other high-end products like MAC or Make Up Forever, it really gives me the feeling of wearing such a thick makeup. The texture is thicker and for MAC I don't like the smell (like crayon smell T__T). And I feel like I wanna have some "show" wearing that thick face makeup. Seems like I got that feeling because as I know MAC or Makeup forever are professional makeup brand, especially Makeup Forever is kind of for theatrical use. While, Bobbi Brown is more like luxurious Makeup brand rather than professional. I personally love this Bobbi Brown foundation more for my daily usage, not too thick but yet has a really good quality. 

I totally love this foundation! The time I applied it to my face I found it really light but the coverage is really good. It covers perfectly my redness and pores. I got the "porcelain" skin even without using any concealer. >O<

And what I really love about this product is that It's long last result is really amazing!!! I hate touching up my makeup (just found it a little bothersome) and my skin type is not an oily type so usually I go for 12 hours with my makeup and then they start becoming oily. But I've once used this Bobbi Brown skin Foundation in my flight back to Korea and It lasted for 20 hours, no touch up. TT__TT *touched* 
No caked face, no excessive oil, and my makeup was still there.   

For the hydrating result one, Hmmmm I think if I compare it to my other Hydrating Korean foundation, this one not really gives me that feeling. You know Korean makeup is really crazy about moisturizing skin (촉촉한 피부) till you get the glow skin. But that's totally OK! Sometimes even me, dewy makeup freak, want a light semi matte face. ^^

Totally love this Bobbi Brown Foundation!!! Besides the price I think a bit pricey for me, I really have nothing to say about this foundation *If only I could try another Bobbi Brown face products T__T*

Ohooooo That's it for this post. Thank you for reading

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