Saturday, June 21, 2014

REVIEW: 3CE Creamy Lip Color #11 Love Hate

Today's post is agaaaiinn~~ product from 3 Concept Eyes (lately I was crazy for this brand ><)
And if in the other post I did review for 3CE face makeup products, today is about what 3CE is famous about. Yaaap~ It's lip color!! 

3CE Creamy Lip Color #11 Love Hate

KRW 18.900

 Creamy Lip Color with soft appliance
Moist your lips while giving awesome glow effect

I was looking for pale color lipstick to match my daily makeup which natural just like my original lip color. And beige lip color is just pretty ><. Its color also will make me look more mature. So I looked for some pale beige color lipstick and I found this at Style Nanda Web.

This is the picture they have at their website. And in my eyes *at least*, that was a beige color. But the real color is slightly different that what I saw and imagine before I bought it.

#11 Love Hate, It's pink beige in pink dominant

And it is real PINK beige When I applied it.

Even though this is not the exact color that i wanted but still It is pretty for my daily makeup companion. First, as always, I love 3CE black and white packaging. Just simple, clean and nice. Love the creamy texture it has, so soft and absolutely won't make your lips cracked even without balm before appliance. I often get lazy to bring lipstick for touch up makeup since I have to bring my balm together or I will get cracked lips if I apply just lipstick. But with this~~ I love to touch up my lip makeup. So soft and creamy!! >< The glossy result also very pretty >O<!! The pigmentation is good, The color really comes out in the same color on my lips. 

Every where touch up!! ><

Compared to non creamy lipstick, this is not that long last. It will last in your lips if you don't do anything but if you eat even just a little or even drink a little, first it will loose its gloss and then start disappearing. And I personally love to apply it again and again because it is so soft, I think it will run out fast ==

Overall, I love this lipstick and maybe it will be in my every where makeup pouch for now. And I will absolutely buy the other colors of this product. I wanna!!!! T__T

That's it for today~ See you on the next post


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