Thursday, June 19, 2014

How I maximize my concealer

Hi hi Everyone!! >O< 

Today I'm back with my new post here. And today's post is not a product review, but a Makeup Tips for you all guys~~ Yaaaaayyyyy

Today's post is about concealer and how I maximize my concealers. Concealer is really a must have item even for makeup beginners, isn't it? XP. First step to have a gorgeous makeup is to make sure you have the flawless skin. So let's get know more about this makeup item, read: concealer.

1. Types of Concealer

Here, I have my 3 different types of concealer. 

The first is Stick Concealer

Stick concealer usually comes with tube like a lipstick and you twist the tube to use it. It's very easy to use and compared to the other concealer, stick concealer has the most compact texture.

The second is Cake type Concealer  

It usually come in a pot and has the creamy texture. Since the texture is creamy, cake concealer has some moisturizing effect better than stick. Some cake concealer already have brush concealer inside but some do not. If it has no concealer brush inside, it's better to buy the special brush for concealer.

The third type is Liquid Concealer.

Liquid concealer usually comes with different packaging. Some of them have a lip gloss look like packaging (like i have), the other maybe are packaged like a pen with brush or in tube just like mini foundation. But yaapp the are all the same liquid concealer. This concealer has the lightest and "flowing" texture among the others.

All of this concealers are light beige color. But, liquid concealer usually has a lighter color than the other concealer. And if we compare it like this, we can see liquid concealer is the most moisturizing and easy to blend one followed by cake and stick in order.

2. Let's maximize our concealer

Concealer basic usage is , of course, to conceal some flaws in our face. With all types of these concealers you can use it all to covers blemish, flaw, freckles, etc etc to make your skin flawless. But as concealer is made in some different texture and types, it must be a reason why and how to use the right type of concealer to have the best result. 

Here is some tips how I use my different types of concealers >O<

I use my Stick concealer to cover flaws of some acnes. Since stick concealer has the most compact texture it will stick perfectly to your skin and won't run away that easy. Also, rather than concealer which has bright color like the liquid type, darker tone is better to cover flaw or acne. For "these guys", read:flaw and acne, you need darker tone to perfectly cover them. 

Stick concealer also is very easy for touch-up usage. Once you feel like your makeup starts vanishing, take your stick concealer and blend with your makeup.

Use your stick concealer to perfectly cover flaw.
twist a little, apply, and blend it away.

Among these concealers, I personaly love my Cake Concealer the most. The creamy texture of this concealer brings out moisturizing effect yet they don't easily run. They are easier to blend than stick so they can be used not just to conceal imperfection but also for "shaping usage". What I mean by shaping usage? It's that use your concealer to fix your lips or eyebrow shape (no spread out lipstick or brow pencil lines)

 moisturizing concealer is suggested to shape lips, since the skin is thinner, and to avoid cracking.

For some small parts of your face, use your cream concealer with the brush to have more neat coverage. On some parts where you get trouble with pores, creamy texture of cake concealer will cover it well without "exposing" it more.

The last is Liquid Concealer. The most common concealer, i think~ haha. When It comes to liquid concealer (especially those that look like lip gloss, like mine), its basic usage is to cover dark circles (dark area around eyes). To cover dark area around your eyes lighter color concealer is better. Liquid concealer texture is also the lightest one so they will be friendly to our thin skin around eyes ^^

apply a little around your eyes and blend it perfectly 

Also, you can use your liquid concealer as an eye primer (you just need something sticky to make your shadow long-last).

With liquid concealer you can built your foundation coverage level by mixing it with your concealer. This way you can get more natural coverage for your face makeup.

 about 2:1 

 mix it perfectly

apply it as usual foundation in the area needed

Of course, this is not the only way how to use your concealer and depends on the products itself the results may be different. These are some basic tips to maximize your concealer by looking at the different types of concealers And this is the way how I use my concealers.  I hope this post can help you to create your own way to maximize your concealer as you needed ^^

Thanks for reading~~ See you in the next post


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