Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Haul Style Nanda (3ce) Part 1

Hellloooooooo~~~ >O<

I just have my cosmetics haul last week and finally after long long long waiting they finally arrived here. I was so happy and touched, by this week I have to face my bloody exams week but I still have a slight sunshine in my week. My haul stuffs Arriveeeddd!!! Arriiiiveddd!! T__T

And this time haul is for

3 Consept Eyes (3ce) by Style Nanda

Style nanda was having its first online sale ever!! This event was made to commemorate their 10 years anniversary. And in this event they offered 50% sale for almost all of their stuffs in just 3 hours.

You know~ I felt like my brain was out of my head after I heard this news!
I cannot stop to list all my wanted stuffs for 3ce. I was so crazily excited.

I waited for about 1 week before it finally came. Everybody got excited with this event and it was so difficult to finally could participate in this event. But yeaahh I'm glad today's coming after all mine and my friends' struggle for 3ce TTTT____TTTT

They are here!!!

Let's take a look what made my so crazy aboutttt~

Full Box of Style Nanda stuffs and 3ce cosmetics!!! Kyyyyyyyaaaakkkk >O<
But that's not all mine, I'm not that crazy. Hahaha

Here is mine~

This is my first time to try 3ce cosmetics. I know that so many people around the world love 3ce but I think it's quite pricey. And this kind of chance came, I really couldn't hold it anymore T__T (this just the first part of my haul story, wait for the second XP)

Let's take a look these babes one by one then~

3ce Glossing Waterfull FOundation
40gr, KRW 28.0000

3ce Creamy Lip Color #11 Love Hate
KRW 18.900

3ce Nail Lacquer #BE05 #PK18
KRW 4000 each

3ce pink Square Mini Hand Mirror
(Love Love Love 3ce pink!! T__T)
KRW 7000

3ce Creamy Compact Foundation #Light Beige
KRW 29.000

And here I got some freebies from 3ce cosmetics, Lip color and Nail Lacquers
(maybe as thanks for purchasing crazily haha)

And here is actually not a 3ce cosmetics but I still bought it at Style Nanda Online Shopping.

Gold Monkey Chain Necklace
KRW 18.900
So Cute ><

Because this was the first online sale event, I think Style Nanda was not really ready and their service was down down down to the bottom. ==" Not all my orders came yet! So I'm still waiting my other stuffs. T__T

Wait for my second post for Style Nanda Haul and also wait for my review about these new babes soon~~

Thank you for reading, see you~


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