Wednesday, June 25, 2014

REVIEW: Innisfree Long Wear Cushion #21

Hi Everyone! Summer is Coming~~ >0<

Because summer is coming today in this post, I want to review a special makeup product for summer. That is

Innisfree Long Wear Cushion

#21 Natural Beige, KRW 20.000

This is the newest face makeup for summer from Innisfree (together with its sister water glow cushion) and it comes in 3 shades; #13 Light Beige, #21 Natural Beige, and #23 True Beige. This cushion also comes with refill so you can  easily change your cushion ( since you will run out your cushion faster than foundation T__T).

So actually I bought the refill one~ >< I have my Mineral Melting Foundation also from Innisfree and I found that the case is exactly the same size. So, I just didn't want to waste my money for the other case.

The refill cost KRW 12.000, 8000 cheaper than the original one.

 Remove the attached film before use

This is my Melting Foundation Case. I prefer this one than the new long wear  cushion has because its PINK!!!!! 

 Exactly its size~ >O<

The refills don't come out with its air puff. So I got this new for KRW 2000. I love using air puff for my makeup, it makes my face makeup evenly applied but it doesn't absorb my foundation and the moist my foundation has. So I often get this puff in stock in my drawer.

 The cushion inside. The new one comes like dots, cute~ ><

How about we applied it on my hand?

Hmmmmm~ First impression, like the other cushion it has watery texture, almost has no oily feel, smooth, dry fast right after appliance leave you the matte result. 

When I apply it to my face

 My bare face after I applied moisturizer, still looks moist

after long wear cushion

It gives you somehow cool sensation right after you apply it to your face, love this part so much. I feel like my skin be drier than the actual after appliance. Like it absorbed my skin moist and made a matte result, a little bit powdery. Really no sticky feeling at all, Matte! Maybe it's because this is special for summer makeup when you will need a good oil control foundation. It has watery texture and light appliance but the coverage is quite good, much better than the other cushion. 

But it's really matte after appliance and really~ I think my skin not really suit for matte makeup, too dry. The matte result revealed my pores and after a while it looks cakey T__T , i love dewy makeup the best.

pores!! and cakey around cheek T___T

After hours when my face starts producing oil it looks better and quite ok~ not that good just not a "cakey face makeup". 

Overall i definitely won't use this unless for a very very very hot day, so my skin can produce more oil to balance the matte effect. For a very hot day, this one still can be a choice since it's light and give some fresh effect. But still, not my favorite T__T. For those who has oily skin and have to face the hot temperature maybe this can be your choice but not for my combination skin. 

Ok~ that's it. See you on the next post
my friend's cuhsion haha



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