Monday, May 26, 2014

REVIEW: Banila Co Let Me Touched Glow BB Cream

Hi~~ I'm Jessica ^^
Recently I started to have my new love for Korean makeup brand. It's Banila Co.  Banila Co It's a little bit different with the other road shop cosmetics like Etude House, Faceshop or Skinfood. Hmmm I should say, maybe I step above them? (at first you only can find it inside department store). It's more expensive than usual road shop but It really has a good quality products. In this post I wanna give my review for Banila Co Let Me Touched Glow BB Cream

I love Glowy makeup. So I cannot stand to see a Glowy face product, and this Banila Co Let Me Touched Glow BB cream is one of them >O<

Banila Co Let Me Touched BB Cream

This BB cream is designed to make a glow face makeup with medium to high coverage. 
It is 35ml and 30.000w (about $30).
Quite a price but in G-Market Korea sometimes they have discount price for Banila Co and i have this one by 50% off *lucky me*

This BB cream has no big range of colors option . It comes in 2 colors which is Classic Beige and True Beige. And I got the first color (lighter one); Classic Beige.

Compared to the other face Makeup that I have, this BB cream has a lighter color. Korea usually has 13 (Ivory), 21(Light Beige) or 23(Natural Beige) for their face makeup colors. I thought that the Classic Beige one maybe has about the same color with number 21 but I actually slightly lighter that the usual no.21. At first, I was a little bit surprised. It makes my skin a "really really" fair complexion look. But as I used it for times to times, I'm used to with the colors, and start to think maybe my skin tone is actually match the lighter color but i'm just afraid to try it.>O<  It has Pink under tone color.  I'm actually a yellow under tone but it still fits my skin. Not like I'm wearing a mask just gives my face a "cool" look rather than "warm" look. 

It comes with tube type, light case, comfortable to be carried every where. 

It's back

On the back, It's explanation in Korean. It said this BB cream has 3 functions; Whitening, Sun Protection, and Anti Wrinkle. This BB cream helps moisturize your skin and make healthy glowing skin with natural coverage. 

So let's test this BB cream!

Glow Test

Yap, this BB cream gives your face a glowing result for sure not just an empty words at the box. Do you see the Glow?? ^^ You can see the right part of my hand with Let Me Touched BB cream.

When I used it to my skin

When I applied it to my face, It's not too glowing like I have an oily face but slightly, give us the natural Glow Look >O<. I love the Glowing skin it gives!! If you want to get more glow results you can mix the BB cream with face oil, volumer or shimmering base ^^

The Next part is coverage test

Ohooooo~~ the coverage is good. Usually Glowing BB cream doesn't have a good coverage because it has to be very light with thinner texture (more like water than cream) to maintain the glow. But this BB cream really has a good coverage among its glow BB friends. At first I was also amazed by it~ ><

My skin is not oily type. I used this BB cream for about 8-10 hours everyday and still no touched-up was needed (just the glow become more than the first, but i love it). I think even for those who have oily skin this BB will still fit you.

So, What I like about this BB:
It really gives Healthy Glowing skin
Good coverage for such a glow BB
Long wear usage
I personally like the smell

What you should consider more for it about:
The Pink undertone; Cool tone.
Quite high price for BB cream
Lighter than usual Light Beige color

Overall~~ I love this BB cream (since I really to dewy face Makeup) and I'm recently using this BB cream for my everyday look XP

Thank for reading my review. See you in the next post >O<


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