Sunday, May 18, 2014

REVIEW: Dream Girl False Lashes

Hi Hi Everyone!! ^O^

My lashes are quite short and need more volume T__T, so I love to use false lashes for makeup. Today I want to review my favorite false lashes at the moment.  
~Dream Girl False Lashes~

Love Love This lashes ><

Dream Girl False Lashes

This is my first try for Japanese false lashes. Last summer vacation I went back to Indonesia and Woow I found this pretty lashes. For those who are live in Indonesia, you can find this lashes at Guardian drug store. 

This is the brand and its front. I have no idea about Japanese at all haha

It's brown and black for natural color

The back. Again all Japanese, have no idea

I bought this Rp. 175.000 or about $16. We can see at the back, the actual price in Japan is 1.029Y. Not cheap, but still in good price for good quality Japanese false lashes and don't forget we got 5 pairs for it. This lashes are synthetic, but still soft and will not irritate your eyes. I actually prefer the synthetic one than the real hair. Sometimes the real hair one is to soft and the result is too soft to be seen T__T. The synthetic one is more dramatic. This Lashes is overall really really good but one thing, It has no glue inside ㅡㅡ" So you have buy it separately or use the other lashes' glue.

So~~ Let's try this lashes

My Eyes with brown eye shadow 

Before applying the lashes, I curled my lashes first and had mascara on it. Many people likes to apply false lashes first, curl it and use mascara to the false lashes to make the false and real lashes be one and natural. But I don't really like that since it will dirty the false lashes and make it broken easier plus faster. And i find it a little bit bothersome to clean the lashes every time I use it. So I curl and mascara my lash first then applying the false one. Just make sure your lashes curled perfectly then it won't seem like you have two parts of eyelashes. I found no really big difference to have mascara before, still pretty ><

After eyeliner to hide the line

One thing I really love about Japanese false lashes, It makes your eyes seem rounder. The moment I use Japanese False Lashes, my eyes turn like Japanese eyes >o< ~Kawaii~

No doubt will buy the other type if I found it

This false lashes is natural type, not too much even for daily use. Maybe it seems long and too much but NOT. It's natural and yet has a dramatic result for your eye makeup. 

That's my review for this Dream Girl False Lashes. My savior for 
pretty daily eye makeup >O< 

Today's makeup Natural

Thank you and see you next post.. XOXO..


FILIA P said...

wiiii looks so natural and so prettyyyy <3

Gabriela Tio said...

Looks very natural yaa~~ bagus :D

jessicaarifin said...

Can't wait your false lashes post too... ><

jessicaarifin said...

Review twiggy gab.. hihihi

FILIA P said...

Wii i don't have false lashes to review beb haha

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