Wednesday, May 28, 2014

REVIEW: Benefit Feelin' Cheeky!

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I'm back with my new Review post today. That is~~~~

Benefit Feelin' Cheeky

Since Benefit is really famous for its tint collection (like all beauty lovers use it), I really wanted to try Bene tint. But the price is not really friendly for me T__T. One day I saw online that Benefit launch its new minis kit and I got excited!!! Finally I got the chance to try the famous rose tint in a friendlier price.

Feelin' Cheeky Kit

Let's take a look on the inside! 

My minis. So cute, isn't it? ^O^

Compared to credit card size 

 It consists of Posie Tint (pink tint), High Beam (highlighter) and Bene tint (red tint), 4ml for each. You can get this cute minies in Sephora for $15. Actually at first I just wanted to try Bene tint but I saw this minis and Waaaaaw nothing wrong to try the three of them at once. No doubt, I order it!! Haha

I bought it at Lotte Online Shopping Mall in Korea. And they kind of had a promotion for this Feelin' Cheeky Kit. Every purchase of this products will get a freebies which is...

Benefit Lolli Tint 2.5 ml

 Lolli tint, the purple tint

How to use it

Yap Yap Yap I'm so happy to have it >O<. Among 4 Benefit tints, I have 3 of it and now the Cha Cha tint remains (wait for me! Hihi). 

Ok~ It's time to use these minis. Here I go!!

This tints really have a soft colors. The texture is like water and right after you apply it on your lips, you won't get the feeling like you are using lip color on your lips. And the result, It's like you have that lip color from the start. So natural. And also I saw many people use the tint for blusher also but I won't do that (too precious for me haha)

For daily use this tint is really really good. It gives you a very natural look. But If you want others to notice your beautiful lip makeup more, I don't think this tint is the choice. Even if you apply it more, the color is still too soft. And It's not really good to moisturize your lips. Some people like to have moisturizing lip colors to prevent the lips from cracking and ruin your lip Makeup. This tint is really like water and I didn't feel It moisturized my lips T_T

Next is the High Beam Highlighter.

Wow Wow this is nice~

I love this minis! It's really cute and pretty. I prefer to have minies kit like this one rather than buy the real size one. Besides It is ,of course, more expensive, you actually need a long long time to use all one lip product (Bet you have plenty of lip products XP). So minis is the right choice. You got the stuffs in a cheaper price and you can try on some the other stuffs at once. ^^

Thank you for reading. See you in the net post



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